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Photographer Sarah Eliza collaborates with the Homegrown Bunch

Sarah Eliza


Hello. I'm Sarah, the face behind the lens of Sarah Eliza and a devotee to the art of photography. I photograph weddings, engagement sessions and family portraits so you can relive your memories forever. 

I have an eye for visual design and composure and believe a skilled photographer knows when to be the director and when to be the spectators. Whist sometimes I prompt and guide, I have an amazing gift of disappearing into the surrounds (sometimes you'll forget I'm even there). 

My life is filled with my own special moments. Every day I create new memories with my wonderful husband, two gorgeous daughters, and a beautiful baby boy so I know just how important it is to capture precious memories. 

"Photography is a universal language understood by everyone and allows us to relieve our life stories". 

I believe your wedding, your children and life events deserve to be remembered forever.  

It has been my pleasure working with the Homegrown Bunch and I look forward to a continuing to support businesses that care about each their clients as much as Jodi, and the team at Homegrown Bunch do.  

- Sarah

Sarah Eliza